Your reliable technology partner

Technology and web business is key values for modern companies worldwide. DENALI, being an international group of firms, can give you all the assistance and reliability you need for your Internet business. DENALI is a long life trade mark being on the market from over 15 years. Hot skilled technicians can assist you on the most important key applications of your company, making you more competitive in a ultra-competitive market.

Why us?

Because we are a worldwide, solid and secure international group, covering all the issues that must be covered by all the modern companies which Internet is a key value. With different countries and different departments, we can assist the client on many matters: technology and security, marketing and advertising, contracts and business. Our main offices are located in London, UK. Internet servers are located in UK, Germany, Switzerland in order to serve with maximum reliability our clients.

Denali (Golden Core) Limited | UK

Our headquarted, our heart is in London, one of the most important business centers in Europe with administrative and technical connections with all the world. Great Britain Laws allow us to drive the business fastly and securely in order to serve our clients with maximum efficiency.

Denali Limited | Malta

Maltese offices in the heart of Mediterranean Sea, to assist the client also in marketing and promotional matters as needed by your business.

Tritema SA | Switzerland

Swiss offices in order to complete all the picture. Our swiss company departments are specialized in contractual matters, security, development and privacy for our customers. These issues are fundamentals for all business. Now infact all companies are faced to network and data security matters.